RX 70 DC by simple&smart

High Frequency intraoral X-Ray – EASY INSTALLATION

Compatible with any image receptor: intraoral sensor, traditional film or phosphor plates 60 and 80 cm arm

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Automatic Voltage Transformer

RiX-70 DC appropriately works in

a range from 100 to 240 V.

DC Generator allows radiation

stability eliminating rays that does

not produce images but can be

harmful for the patient.

0.4 mm Focal Spot

Tube Voltage


RiX-70 DC operates either 60, 65

or 70 kV.

Automatic setting of exposure

time from 001 to 2.0 s.

Select the exposure parameters according to the patient morphology, tooth type and

image receptor. Adapt the radiation dose to lower or higher values. Modify the exposure

time for digital or film.