Against snoring

Get rid of snoring!

Get rid of snoring easily and quickly. DentaSleep is a comfortable and compact device to stop snoring. It has helped hundreds of people.

DentaSleep is a device that can alleviate snoring and mild apnea. It is produced according to Your teeth. This esthetic, durable and comfortable device ensures You a good night sleep.

Treatment with DentaSleep

helps to reduce breathing pauses which are caused by tonque and palatal muscles relaxation and collapsing during sleeping. The vibration of the soft tissues of the throat in the narrowed respiratory tract causes snoring sound. DentaSleep device keeps mandible forwarded preventing the tongue from falling into the throat and allowing the air to move freely in the airways.

DentaSleep is a perfect solution if You have problems with

  • snoring
  • mild apnea
  • Teeth grinding or moving teeth


What to do when You or Your partner is disturbed by snoring?
If You wake up frequetly at night and feel any breathlessness?
If You have headaches in the morning and have sleepiness during the day

DentaSlaap stops loud snoring and mild apnea.
DentaSleep releases the respiratory tract and oxygen can get into the organism, thus ensuring a good and restful sleep. You don’t feel sleepiness during the day, the concentration ability is improving and You feel great.
Also it works as a night guard preventing teeth grinding. You can prevent Wearing out Your teeth and teeth movement or generating micro cracks. DentaSleep keeps jaws in right position during the night and muscles of the jaw don’t have excessive tension, which could cause headache in the morning.

Sleep without worry!

You have several possibilities:

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Or introduce DentaSleep to you Dentist

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Benefits of DentaSleep

  • Transparent, clear, without air bubbles and acrylic waste
  • Streamlined, without sharp corners or edges, smooth
  • Slim, smooth walls running along the tooth surface
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Durable
  • Four functions: stops sound of snoring, alleviates mild apnea, prevents bruxism and teeth movement
  • Does not twist
  • In case of bruxism it support the position of your jaw that no excessive tension is to the muscles that can cause morning headache
  • Precise running edges of the device ending under the tooth equator provide the necessary retention but do not touch gingiva
  • Due to the precision of the device it takes less time to the doctor to place it and is more comfortable to the patient
  • Does not contain metal that can cause allergies. The material of the device is Biocompatible, it is not cytotoxic or genotoxic

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