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Fixed restorations

  • Monolithic and multilayer zirconia crowns, veneers, bridges up to 14 units
  • Zirconia crowns covered with ceramics, veneers with or without cut-back.
  • Zirconia post and core
  • Individual zirconia abutments
  • E.max inlays, onlays, overlays
  • Zirconia and PMMA Maryland bridges
  • Temporary PMMA crowns, bridges up to 14 units
  • Ceramic gingiva

Implant works

  • Zirconia crown on implant, zirconia bridge on implants
  • E.max crown on implant, E.max bridge on implants
  • Abutment preparation
  • Crown cementation
  • Abutment key
  • Silicone gingival mask


  • Wax design, digital wax-up
  • Mock-up 3D-printed model
  • Silicone index for mock-up

Models and other works

  • Combined model, control model, antagonist model, diagnostic model
  • Selecting tooth shade in our lab
  • Occlusal rim
  • Individual tray

3D printed products and appliances

  • DentaBrux (bruxism appliance)
  • DentaSleep (snoring appliance)
  • DentaLine (teeth alignment)
  • Essix (night tray)
  • Sportsguard

Benefits of ceramics

  • Ceramic materials have similar physical characteristics as tooth tissues, such as resistance to pressure, low internal stresses of the material which provide a long lasting result
  • It is possible to establish natural looking esthetic teeth and follow anatomical shape of patients face with ceramic restorations
  • Maximum esthetics and incisal translucency is ensured with full ceramic front restorations which keeps natural looks
  • Ceramic crowns are esthetic, they can be placed on dark stumps and metal post and cores


The production of ceramic restorations

We use modern materials in our lab and during the production of the crowns patients personal requests and needs are considered. All that is coordinated with the dentist.

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