RX 70 AC by simple&smart

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Voltage 115/230 V AC ±10% , Frequency 50/60 Hz , Electric current 4/8 A ,Max Power Consumption 920 VA Fuse – T 6.3/ T 10 A , Focal Spot 0.8 mm , Anodic Electric Current 7 mA ±15%v , Selectable voltage to tube 70KV ± 10% , Duty Cycle 1/60

Total Filtration > 2.1 mm Al

Focus Skin Distance 22 cm (8 5/8 inch)

Round collimator Output Radiation Field

6 cm (2 3/8 inch)

Weight 7.5 Kg

To guarantee the maximum security to your patients it comes with:

An alluminium filter which improves the beam quality and reduces the

radiation dose received by the patient.

An anatomic selector and digital display of exposure time.

An alarm triggered by any incorrect operation.

The X-ray unit that is easy to handle, auordable long-lasting and ultra-fexible.

70AC means quality reliability and safety

Hand-switch provided with 3 m coiled cord.

Automatic correction for mains fluctuations selectable on request

Back-up Timer

Timer and hand-switch can be remotely mounted

Compact head design

Automatic setting of exposure time

Flexible and stable arm available in 60 and 80 cm lenght

Friendly control panel, LED buttons with easy to understand


Manual setting of exposure time from 60 to 2.0 seconds

Child or Adult patient selection

“Low dose” setting fot digital receptors

Dimension: 22 cm width, 33 cm height, 13 cm depth