Ghenesyl mono

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Ghenesyl Mono, is a new impression material with a medium viscosity, ideal for monophase technique. Recommended for crowns and bridges impression taking, implantoprosthesis, inlay, onlay, partial and total edentulism. Thanks to its characteristic viscosity it can be used directly on the surfaces to be reproduced and on impression tray. It’s syringable through the included mixing tips or through the specific syringe for elastomers. Given its optimal flexibility Ghenesyl Mono can be easily removed from the oral cavity without structural alteration.

• Ideal viscosity for monophase technique
• High accuracy (5µm)
• Maximum thixotropicity and hydrophilicity
• Fast in mouth setting time
• High resistance to tear
• High elastic recovery
• High dimensional stability over time
• Slight mint flavour
• Resistant to aseptic cleaners