Teeth Alignment

Smile with confidence!

DentaLine is transparent, teeth aligning almost invisible splint.

It’s thin walls and removal possibility makes creating a perfect smile simple and comfortable.

Treatment with DentaLine

Is fast and effective. You need to go to your dentist only few times to get a new set of aligner for the nex treatment period. You can place and remove the aligners by yourself at home. Your teeth will move to the desired position step by step when changing the splints.

DentaLine is a perfect solution

for kids and adults – for everyone who want to get a beautiful, proper and healthy looking dental arch.

With DentaLine it is possible to correct simply and effectively:

  • Rotated or crooked teeht
  • Spaces between teeth

When using DentaLine you meet your dentist seldomly: you can change aligners independently after a week.
Because it is transparent and clear it is not noticeable thus it will not change your looks. You can smile with more confidence!

Get your moviestar smile!

You have several possibilities:

Ask for additional information: +372 56 299 020 or
Contact us using the form below

We will get in contact You and explain how You could get Your product.

Or introduce DentaLine to you Dentist

Lead your dentist to DentaLab website where he/she can familiarize with DentaLine aligners and help You to get it by contacting us.


Benefits of DentaLine

  • Thin: you will not feel the splint in your mouth almost at all and getting used to does not take long
  • Simple to place and remove: possible to remove during eating and tooth brushing for hygiene reasons
  • Transparent, almost invisible in mouth, does not change your looks
  • More durable than other aligners or retainers
  • Tough, after bending takes back its original shape, does not twist
  • Stays more clear and transparent compared to other aligners. Does not get yellow or dull after using toothpaste
  • Treatment with DentaLine is effective, fast and simple. The treatment is more simple and fast than with braces because you need to visit dentist only few times to check the progress and get new set of aligners. The whole treatment plan is made by DentaLab so all dentist appointments can be scheduled easily.

DentaLine: before and after


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