Milling Center & 3D Printing

CAD/CAM stands for Compute Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing.

DentaLab dental lab CAD/CAM team has more than six years of experience in this field. The most modern software and hardware is used.

We use the most modern soft- and hardware:

Stone models and silicone impressions are scanned using Medit Identica Hybrid scanner
The work is designed with exocad software
The products are manufactured using VHF Impression S2, K5, N4 milling machine and Stratasys Objet30 Orthodesk, Stratasys Eden 260V, Eden260VS 3D printer

DentaLab CAD/CAM department offers scanning, designing, milling and 3D printing service.

Millable materials

Nacera zirconium (pre-shaded transparent Pearl, multilayer transparent Multi-Shade)
Kuraray zirconium (multilayer transparent STML and UTML)
Priti zirconium (multilayer transparent Multidisk High Translucent and opaque Multidisk Opaque)
WhitePeaks zirconium (opaque Copran)
BruxZir zirconium (pre-shaded transparent Shaded 16)
Kerox wax and PMMA

3D printable materials

MED610 (Bio-compatible transparent PolyJet photopolymer for intraoral devices requiring prolonged skin contact of more than 30 days and short-term mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours)
MED690 (A dark beige material for printing models)
Rigid Opaque: WeroWhitePlus, VeroBlackPlus, VeroGray, VeroBlue
Rubber-like: TangoPlus, TangoBlackPlus, TangoBlack, TangoGray
Transparent: VeroClear PMMA ja RGD720


Dental Lab Materials and devices

We offer different devices and CAD/CAM solutions used in dental laboratories, replacement parts, maintenance and trainings:


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